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STRAY FEEDING FOOD DONATION DRIVE XMAS 2014 : 19- 31 DEC 2014 Christmas is the season of giving. While many of us have a warm bed to sleep in, there are many homeless dogs in Singapore who do not even have a roof over their heads. Fortunately, many of them are taken care of by…

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SOSD Extraordinary General Meeting

SOSD Extraordinary General Meeting   Day/date: Friday, 28 November 2014 Time: 7.15pm to 7.45pm Venue: Details will be sent to the invited members   Agenda: 1. Change of Society Name 2. Any other matters   Thank you!


Adoption Drive @ Alana Sales Gallery

It is always nice to see how the pup has grown and changed. But if anything, Yogi boy here has certainly grown to be more charming and his fur is shinier. We can’t believe that 5 months have passed and no one has came forward to give Yogi a home.. Yogi is a big boy…


Adoption Drive @ Playground at Big Splash

  It is gonna be a fun-filled day with lots of paw prints, wet kisses, happy tails and furry butts! 4th Oct 2014 (Puppies) 5th Oct 2014 (Adult dogs) 12-6pm Playground at Big Splash 902 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449874

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SOSD Flag Day 2014

  SOSD Flag Day 2014: A New Start Date: 9 November 2014, Sunday Venue: *SCAPE Youth Park     One of our largest fundraising events for the year, Flag Day is a great way for members of the public to learn more about SOSD’s work, to get involved by volunteering and/or donating, and to meet…


Cornerstone Cafe Adoption Drive

Our dear Shaw here is turning 5 months soon, and if he could make a wish, we’re sure he would wish for more treats and toys. Our wish for him is of course, a loving home to call his own. He is very lovable and friendly. Fostered with his 2 brothers, Scott and Shakespeare, he…

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7 December 2014, Sunday

11:30am (approx. 45 min)

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