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SOSD is an independent animal welfare organization and we are not funded by any government or private agencies. We depend on the public’s generosity to help fund the necessary expenses that help save our street dogs. Kennel rental costs, food supplies and medical fees form the biggest part of our monthly outgoings. Your help and donations allow us to provide a better life for the dogs that we rescue, as well as save the ones on the brink of death.

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Why I want to run for SOSD? I have been volunteering at dog shelters since 2012 and have been running for rescue dogs since 2015. It is because of my volunteer work that I got motivated to study dog behaviour and training. I then decided to be a dog behaviourist and trainer because I want […]

$7450 Donated
37.25% Funded
Project Sound

Project SOUND: Sterilisation and Treatment of Dogs on Pulau Ubin

In 2014, SOSD started Project SOUND (Sterilisation of Ubin and Neighbouring Dogs), a project to continue the good work of Animal Welfare Groups like Animal Lovers League, to sterilise the community dogs on Pulau Ubin for population control. Recent cases of dog abandonment on the island threaten to destabilise the population, and hence, we have […]

$5340 Donated
10.68% Funded

Tick, flea, worms and heartworm prevention pills

To keep our dogs healthy and parasite free, we need to stay on top of their monthly flea and tick treatment, heartworm pills, and worming tablets. Just one tiny mosquito bite will transmit potential fatal heartworm to dogs. Stray dogs are also at the mercy of ticks and tick fever, which is fatal for dogs […]

$4498 Donated
70.28% Funded
SRC Dogs Food 2016

Food for SRC Dogs

To keep all of our dogs at SOSD Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) happy and well fed for 3 months, we will need approximately 300 large bags of quality dry dog food and 300 cans of quality wet dog food for some of our older dogs. Dogs at SRC consume Wellness Core kibbles. To donate kibbles to […]

43 kg of kibbles Donated
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