SOSD’s Wishlist

Hello! Thank you for browsing to this page! We love receiving items that we need constantly, so that more of the donations we receive can be channelled directly to our rescue efforts.

Our dogs’ daily feed takes up a big part of our expenditure. If you do not have any preferred pet shop you’d like to order from, we would encourage you to donate the items via Pet Guru, SOSD’s subsidiary. Simply place your order through this page, and there will be an automatic discount and free delivery directly to our shelter!

  1. Wellness CORE Original Dry Dog Food 24lbs – 50 Bags per month
  2. Addiction Salmon Bleu Adult 33lbs – 25 bags per month
  3. Frontline Plus Small Dogs (<10kg) – 30 tubes per month
  4. Frontline Plus Medium Dogs (10-20kg) – 60 tubes per month
  5. Frontline Plus Large Dogs (20-40kg) – 30 tubes per month
  6. Revolution for Puppies – 3 boxes per month
  7. Revolution for Small Dogs (2.5-5kg) – 5 boxes per month
  8. Heartguard Plus chewable blue for dogs up to 11kg – 30pcs per month
  9. Heartguard Plus chewable green for dogs 12 to 22kg – 70pcs per month
  10. Heartguard Plus chewable brown for dogs 23 to 45kg – 20pcs per month
  11. Esbilac Puppy Milk – 2 cans per month
  12. Puppy Milk – 10 cartons per month
  13. Dog leash
  14. Dog crates
  15. New or Used Towels
  16. Kala Health Arthrix Supplement
  17. Kala Health Dermatrix Supplement
  18. Saline for wound cleaning

Other than goods for dogs, we also have a continuous need for some other items, and we are grateful for any amount of donation for the items below.

Household(Environmentally friendly):

  1. Surgical face masks
  2. Non-powdered latex gloves (L Size)
  3. Antibacterial hand soap
  4. Cable ties of different sizes
  5. Trash bags (Medium and Large size only) (Environmentally friendly)
  6. Dishwashing sponges/scouring pads
  7. Cleaning rags
  8. Cleaning Solutions (Environmentally friendly and not tested on animals)
  9. – Floor disinfectant
    – Toilet cleaning liquids
    – Laundry detergent
    – Dishwashing liquid
    – Anti-bacterial handwash
    – Kitchen cleaning solution to remove dirt and grease
    – Multipurpose cleaners


  1. A working laptop in good condition (Windows 7 or later, preferably with Microsoft Office installed)
  2. Printer cartridge (MFC-J2310)
  3. A4 Paper
  4. Fuel Vouchers (Diesel for our van)
  5. NTUC Vouchers (To purchase household items)
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