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Belle Ong from Fundraising Team

Please join us in congratulating Belle Ong for the arrival of her gorgeous baby girl!! Belle is one of the key members SOSD’s Fundraising Team. She has organised every Flag Day, from the first one, to the one which has just passed on 19 Mar. She organised Flag Day while she was becoming more and […]

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Alvin and Sora

Almost a year ago, Alvin headed down with his family to one of SOSD’s adoption drives. Sora was neither calm nor obedient when they first met her. In fact, she was tugging and pulling Alvin during the walk they had with her. However, despite her willfulness and high energy, Alvin felt Sora was the right […]

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May Mei, Team Kennel

It is impossible not to fall in love with May Mei’s infectious smile and bubbly personality. May Mei is one of our longest-serving volunteers. She joined SOSD in 2013, starting with walking dogs. Today, May Mei not only still helps to walk them, she also works hard as a core member of the team that […]

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Oval the Rainbow

No plans for the weekend? Why not head down to the adoption drive by SOSD and Noah’s Ark CARES happening this Saturday, 11th March 2017 at The Oval. Our Jurong Island puppies will be there, hoping to find that fateful someone that will bring them home. Dopey, Doc and Gummy are amongst the puppies that […]

Alex, Lucas's adopter

Alex, Lucas’s adopter

Having owned dogs in the family before, Alex and his family this time chose to adopt instead of buying a puppy. At one of SOSD’s adoption drives, they found themselves choosing their next family member. They wanted a dog that would match the family’s lifestyle and is active and trainable at the same time. And […]

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Dr Siew Tuck Wah on Breaking the Poverty Cycle, Saving Singapore’s Street Dogs and Finding Buddhism

Dr Siew Tuck Wah speaks to Nedla about his upbringing, the need to be kind to ourselves, and the importance of breaking down divisions and boundaries. “There is a need for all of us to be constructive rather than destructive. We prosecute someone who has made a simple mistake — but what of it? What […]

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Tyler’s Adopter

“We always thought about adopting. By ‘we’, I really mean me. Though the kids very quickly warmed up to the idea of having a pet dog, my husband was much harder to convince. We met our dog Tyler (at the time he was called Julius) at the pet shelter. The things that struck us were […]

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Adeline Lee, Kennel Training Coordinator

Ask Adeline about her favourite canine buddy, and the answer comes quickly and enthusiastically. “My latest buddy at the shelter is Miki (pictured). She is a border collie and bull terrier cross. I have been walking her for more than six months, and she is still waiting for a home. No pack walk volunteer can […]

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