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Name: Dopey
Estimated DOB: 1 Sep 2016
Sex: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Personality: Dopey came to us, frightened and insecure. He didn’t allow us to go near him, and got very defensive whenever we did. We would sit outside his cage everyday, just to get him used to us, and when he saw how his next door neighbour responded to our fingers tucked into her cage, he followed suit! Dopey started getting curious whenever we pressed our hands against his cage, and would sniff, then playfully nudge us with his snout, and even use his paw to give us a tap. He started to open up to us, and allowed us to carry him. Turns out, he is a really sweet boy who was just missing his siblings and mother. Dopey will take time to warm up to strangers, but when he does, he’s a real sweetheart who loves getting hugs and giving kisses.

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