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Name: Whiskey
Estimated DOB: 1 Jan 2010
Sex: Male
HDB Approved: No

Personality: As a pet, Whiskey’s ex-owners obviously thought he should be responsible for something greater – their safety. Outdoor for majority of his life, he never really received the affection that he yearns. He then started to seek affection from the strangers, contradicting his task to guard the safety of the house. He had no qualms asking for belly rubs or licking anyone’s hands at all. Eventually, we were asked to take him away on the eve of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year – The season of reunion. Yet, in the midst of their preparation for reunion, they left Whiskey out from it. He was then taken to our shelter, where he spent Chinese New Year, alone with many others he does not know. After waiting for 3 weeks, finally a fosterer came along. In less than a month, he was returned with untrained being the key reason. He moved to the next fosterer who returned him again, now saying that he bit a small dog and was aggressive.

Whiskey Bear might look ferocious, but if you look beyond his looks and into his heart, he is just a gentle giant who is dying to give you his affection and loyalty. He had been left out alone in a yard, and had never learnt to socialize with anyone or any dog. Deep down, he is actually fearful and nervous. He does not know what to expect, how to react and what is going to happen to him tomorrow.

Thankfully, he has finally found a temporary home to stay in. Although the space is a tad too small for a majestic German Shepherd like himself, at least he does not have to move anymore. Here, he showed his intelligence and has learnt basic obedience in less than two weeks. He is now able to walk on heel and sit on command. He is also 100% grass-trained. He has also dispelled the misunderstanding of him being aggressive, as he plays and co-exists with his fosterers’ Toy Poodle. He is now confident and ready to take on greater challenges!

If you are willing to look beyond the financial commitment necessary for a Schedule II dog, and keen to share your love or even home with Whiskey Bear, please register your interest below!

As German Shepherds are Part 2 Schedule Dogs under AVA regulations, potential adopters need to meet the following requirements:
1. Dog must be leashed & muzzled in public at all times
2. $100k insurance, $2000 Bankers guarantee, mandatory training

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