A Day in The Life of a 2-Legged Therapy Dog

Date: May 18, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Video

What goes on in the world of a unique little girl who, despite being less than perfect, dedicates her time to making others happy?

Qian Qian is a 7yr old girl who is born on an offshore fish farm without her front legs. However, this has not stopped her from finding her place in the world. Her original owners kept her after she was born, as they believed that a 2-legged dog would bring fortune to them (hence naming her “Qian Qian”, which means “Money Money” in Chinese). However, it wasn’t long before they realised how difficult it was to look after a dog with special needs. She was often left to wriggle around in her own excrement, and soon, she developed infected sores. Far from bringing fortune, she became a burden, and her owners couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Thankfully, a lady took her over and slowly nursed her back to health., taking great pains to keep her clean. Qian Qian grew stronger, and learned how to trust again. Sadly, 6 years down the road, the kind lady finally had to give Qian Qian up because she has fallen ill herself and can no longer look after Qian Qian. Hence, SOSD took her over.

It has a dramatic turn of events for Qian Qian since. Recognising that her cheerful, spirited demeanour would bring joy to people in need, Qian Qian’s rescuers enrolled her in SOSD’s Healing Paws Program: an Animal-Assisted Activities program where she would go to hospitals and institutions to interact with residents. Needless to say, Qian Qian is an immediate hit in the program. Her never-say-die spirit immediately rubs off others, and she never fails to bring lots of joy and laughter wherever she goes.

When she is not hoping around with her hind legs, she is busy zipping up and down the hallway in her custom-made wheelies. After 7 long years, Qian Qian has finally found her place in the world: to help others in need.

We bring you this sneak peek, into what goes on in a day of the life of a busy therapy dog who is imperfect in body, but couldn’t be more whole, in spirit.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog
It is a busy day for Qian Qian. She starts the day by going about her daily exercise on her wheelies, so that her hind legs are strong enough. Big sister Yoghurt, a rescued street dog, gives her a little help out of the door!

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 2
Qian Qian and fellow therapy dog Bacon get ready for an exciting day ahead! Bacon, also a former stray dog, is also part of SOSD’s AAA (animal-assisted activities) program, Healing Paws. Today, they will go for an interview at a radio station, before heading down to a Hospice for a session of AAA.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 3
Qian Oian arrives at the radio station. Everyone is immediately smitten with her. Qian Qian is seen here with the DJ from 93.8 Live, Keith de Souza.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 4
Dr Siew Tuck Wah, SOSD’s President, goes on air to speak more about Qian Qian’s journey in Healing Paws, and SOSD’s rescue and rehoming efforts.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 5
After the radio show, it is now time to work! Qian Qian is joined by other therapy dogs: Coco (white Pomeranian), and Chewie (Corgi) at Assisi Hospice for a session of AAA to keep the residents company.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 6
Dr Siew explains Qian Qian’s story to the residents

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 7
And off she goes, zipping around the activities room in her wheelies!

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 8
There is nothing Qian Qian loves more than being carried and patted!

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 9
Once you start, you simply cannot stop when you see her smile!

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 9b
Qian Qian loves to shower kisses on you, especially when you least expected it. It never fails to bring lots of laughter to the room.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 10
Qian Qian Therapy Dog 10b
Bacon and Qian Qian, asking for pats, and treats.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 11
After the session, Qian Qian returns to her foster home. Her favourite spot is under the chair where her fosterer usually sits.

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 12
When she isn’t under the chair, she sits by the dining table, waiting for that morsel of cake to fall into her lap!

Qian Qian Therapy Dog 13
And after a long day, there is nothing better than chilling out: Just lying down, doing nothing, and enjoying the moment.

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