A Sweet Bond

Date: December 20, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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There once was a sad dog named Vince. He was the product of a bitter divorce after the wife was forced to give Vince up. Vince was not only sad, he also had a heart murmur as well as skin and ear infections.

When Vince was fostered with Tahirah, he was moody most of the time. He would just sit by the door, mired in ennui for most of the day. When he accompanied Tahirah to work, he would just curl up into a ball and sleep nearby. What Vince probably didn’t know was that fosterer Tahirah had previously lost a young poodle and was also hurting.

Perhaps it’s this similiarity that led Tahirah to adopt Vince. It took a while for both human and dog to warm up to each other. This soon progressed to mutual trust, which finally blossomed into a sweet bond. Now, Vince follows Tahirah everywhere and always ensures she sleeps first before he does!

Vince is no longer a sad dog. His quirky personality always brings cheer at home. For a nine-year-old, he has a spring in his step and loves chasing his tail! He enjoys taking evening walks with Tahirah and chilling before bed time. He’s just a dog enjoying his simple, happy life.

If you’ve recently adopted a rescue dog, or if you’re considering adoption, Tahirah and Vince hope this story encourages you! The bond may not come instantly so be patient. Give rescue dogs time to build trust. Once they do, the joy and love will come naturally. The rewards for giving a needy dog a home are just priceless.

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