Adeline Lee, Kennel Training Coordinator

Date: February 22, 2017 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

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Ask Adeline about her favourite canine buddy, and the answer comes quickly and enthusiastically.

“My latest buddy at the shelter is Miki (pictured). She is a border collie and bull terrier cross. I have been walking her for more than six months, and she is still waiting for a home. No pack walk volunteer can resist her affectionate eyes. They’re a warning to initiate her advance to kiss you on the cheek!”

The first step towards volunteering can happen for many different reasons. For kennel volunteer, Adeline, her volunteering journey with SOSD stemmed from personal reasons. However, this soon developed into a deep motivation born from a priceless connection with the dogs, as well as with her fellow volunteers.

“My initial motivation to volunteer was all about myself, about how I could meaningfully spend my free time, about overcoming my fear of aggressive strays dogs. But eventually, it was about the unconditional love from the dogs and the many dedicated people of SOSD. They are what keep me going.

“Juggling a full-time job that requires travelling and volunteering is not always easy, but the spirit of SOSD volunteers, who are always ready to be there when needed, makes the impossible seem possible.”

One volunteer, in particular, stands out in Adeline’s mind.

“Amongst the many SOSD characters, one of the most dedicated that I came to know and who has influenced me positively in my volunteering journey is our Shelter Rehoming IC, Xulan. She single-handedly built up the shelter rehoming team and works tirelessly to ensure that rescues in the shelters are not forgotten in the organisation’s endeavours. Her commitment and ideas have inspired me to keep putting in my best effort.”

As for our furry friends, they provide both companionship and a personal sense of satisfaction for Adeline.

“I have a soft spot for affectionate dogs (who doesn’t!), and seeing an initially uncooperative dog develop into an affectionate and obedient one has to be the most rewarding experience.”

For those thinking about starting to volunteer, Adeline has this to say:

“Volunteering is to promote goodness. Your commitment to follow-through and unconditionally value-add to the cause will not just make a difference in the community, it will also open up your perspective, and you will definitely gain much more than what you could have ever imagined!”

To take your first step into volunteering with SOSD, click on this link:

We’re looking forward to having you with us!

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