HDB Friendly Dogs / Project ADORE

Live in an HDB and love bigger dogs?

If you live in an HDB, then you probably know that it is hard to have a larger dog. As such, Singapore mixed-breed dogs are disadvantaged in the usual adoption process as they are slightly bigger and often do not fit the criteria required by the AVA for “HDB-approved” dogs.

Do not despair large dog lovers! A special initiative, Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs) gives our beloved “Singapore Special” (or local, loveable mongrels) a fighting chance at being legally adopted into loving families who lives in an HDB apartment. SOSD officially joined Project ADORE in May 2014 which means you can adopt a larger size dog from us.

The dog has to:

  • Be a local medium-sized mixed-breed or “Singapore Special”
  • Be at least 6 months old and sterilised
  • Have shoulder height up to 55cm
  • Undergo compulsory basic obedience training by AVA-accredited trainers

You will have to:

  • Sign a declaration that they will observe the Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB)
  • Understand that only 1 registered dog is allowed per HDB household
  • Check that their immediate neighbours are agreeable to them having the dog
  • Ensure that their new furry friend is sterilised, vaccincated and microchipped
  • Apply for an AVA license and make sure their furry friend is “HDB-approved”

In SOSD, we have many dogs that are already obedience trained and qualified under this project. So for you big dog lovers out there, you might just find a special SOSD dog that could be your Best Friend Forever!

Do your part in Project ADORE – choose to adopt a Singapore Special!

For more information, interested parties can:

  • Browse through our adoption photo gallery and search “HDB-approved” dogs
  • Select the dog you would like to meet and register your interest by filling out the form underneath the dog’s profile
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