Adopting Ratchy

Date: April 30, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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When Mandy browsed the adoption drive photos for one of SOSD’s adoption drives back in 2016, she chanced upon Ratchy’s photo. Back then, Ratchy was still a puppy and was not HDB-approved yet, so Mandy was unable to adopt Ratchy. Some time later, Mandy went to another adoption drive again and found that Ratchy was still available, and without delay, texted one of the SOSD’s vollies, Valerie, about her interest.

With the help of Valerie and other vollies, Mandy and her partner were able to find out more about Ratchy and paid their first visit to him at his fosterer’s. From the fosterer, they were able to understand Ratchy even better, and knowing that Ratchy was slow to warm up, they made the time to visit him every weekend for him to get used to them. After a few weeks, Ratchy began his homestay with Mandy and partner… and soon, adoption papers were signed.

To Mandy, the decision of adopting Ratchy was love at first sight. Ratchy is unique in his own way and is Mandy’s own personal therapist, by brightening up her day no matter how bad it was.

Thank you Mandy & your partner for giving Ratchy the home he deserves!

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