Aila’s adopter, Elaine Chee

Date: September 19, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

“When my golden retriever dog , Elsha died on 13 June 2016, I felt a sense of loss without her. Her name was Elsha and she brought so much joy and laughter to my family over the 12+ years that she was with us. It’s something no amount of money can buy.

Days went by with me grieving & pining for my beloved Elsha , crying so often

Finally I decided the only way to overcome this grief was to have another dog to replace Elsha. My husband and I decided not to buy another pedigree dog but to adopt one from the many dog shelters in Singapore.

We felt that such dogs are in no way inferior to pure-bred dogs. They are equally affectionate, loyal and intelligent.

We visited a few adoption drives, one of them being SOSD’s. It was there that we met Bella and we were drawn to her during our first meeting

Bella came to our home on 21 August 2016 for a two week trial homestay. She was initially afraid of loud noises but slowly she is getting braver. She is fiercely loyal and affectionate towards us, her family. She will jump with so much enthusiasm and joy whenever we come back from either an outing or work. She is truly a bundle of joy and we were so glad to legally adopt her on 4 Sept 2016

Do seriously consider adopting a dog from SOSD rather than buying. You will definitely be well rewarded with a loyal and loving dog who will LOVE U so much when you love it in return


Happy dog ownership!”
– Aila’s adopter, Elaine Chee

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