Alex, Lucas’s adopter

Date: March 5, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Alex, Lucas's adopter

Having owned dogs in the family before, Alex and his family this time chose to adopt instead of buying a puppy. At one of SOSD’s adoption drives, they found themselves choosing their next family member. They wanted a dog that would match the family’s lifestyle and is active and trainable at the same time. And that’s how Lucas came into the picture!

When Lucas started staying with Alex and his family, he had a nasty teething problem and liked to show his affection through nibbling. The family had to slowly wean him from it, and now Lucas is a very well behaved, adjusted family member. He is also very food motivated! He would run away, but gallop back like a horse when anyone calls him back with a treat.

What adopting Lucas has brought to the family:
“Lucas has brought us together as a family, that’s for sure. For example, we have everyone going to the park together on weekends or just riding in the car to meet someone at the train station. It has taught us patience, how to be firm at times and also how to treat those puppy eyes.”


We thank Alex’s family for loving Lucas and hope to share more happy endings like this! Many dogs out there are still waiting for their forever homes, and we hope interested paw-rents will look into adopting our Singapore Specials 🙂

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