Angela and Buttons

Date: May 3, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“I first came across Buttons’ profile in an SOSD’s Facebook post. When I read about her age (14 years old) and her deafness, I figured not many people would be keen to take on so old a dog. And the story of her family putting her to sleep (needlessly) after so many years with her, really broke my heart.

Both Buttons and I adapted to many big changes to live together. She moved suddenly from a family environment to a bachelorette flat. And for me, it’s learning to live with an indoor dog (after having only outdoor dogs in the family home).

So I researched tons of dog (and human) training material – yup, YouTube videos galore!

Separation anxiety when alone in the house? Get an auto six-time food-feeder (her most beloved item now).

Peeing five times a day? Set a routine (twice daily walkies), persevere in toilet-training (who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?).
Catching colds easily? Invest in Daiso doggie shirts and DIY dogs beds.

The plus side for couch potato me is I now get regular walkies too, and get to know my neighbours better (the playground kids, the dog owners, and all the curious old folks). I used to experience some mild depression episodes and having Buttons helps a lot. Seeing that little face waiting patiently like Hachiko, and the joyous welcome awaiting me when I get home – it really reminds everyone that the world is good everyday.

Why adopt a senior dog, instead of buying a fresh new puppy? Well, I like senior dogs because I find their (lower) energy levels easier to deal with. They are also more open and patient when it comes to retraining in a new environment. Believe me, the clock turns back on them during feeding, walks, cuddles time!

Adopting a dog means helping to give a good life to a dog in need, freeing up shelter space for urgent cases, and contributing (via adoption fees) for the care of dogs under shelter protection. And by saving a dog; you get back so much more than you put in because a dog’s love is always boundless and everlasting!”

If Angela and Buttons’ story has inspired you to adopt you may sign up here.

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