Archer’s adopter, Miao Xuan

Date: July 5, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Archer's adopter Miao Xuan

“I’d never forget the first day when Archer came to my house, I was overjoyed. When I first saw him, my heart melted as he was such a cute pup.”

Unknown to this little stray puppy, his life was about to be magically changed when he stepped into fosterer’s Miao Xuan’s house.

Things are not always smooth when it comes to welcoming a new puppy at home. At first, Archer was insecure and fearful of his new environment. He hid in a corner; any loud noises would startle him and send him scurrying for a hiding place.

“He lost his appetite when he first came to my house. He was so scared that he urinated everywhere and he whined throughout the night.

Archer took a while to learn basic commands such as sit, up, paw, wait. It was tough for the both of us and I spent most of my weekdays, training him intensively. The first time when he responded to my command, I was very pleased and proud of him, just like any proud paw parent would be!”

Slowly but surely, Archer began to warm up to Miao Xuan and her family. He grew from being a shy and timid puppy into a playful and attention-seeking puppy with a unique attitude in the short 4 months with Miao Xuan.

“When we’re on our bed, he’d attempt to jump up so that he can receive pats and belly rubs and he hates it when we leave the house without him.” Miao Xuan muses. “In fact, this cheeky guy would often be found climbing up chairs to steal food from the table. That’s the reason behind our mysteriously disappearing banana muffins!”

Before she knew it, Archer had not just captured Miao Xuan’s heart but he also brought her comfort and joy and is now a well-loved member of the family. Last week, Miao Xuan officially adopted Archer!

“The amazing thing about having Archer at home, is that no matter how flustered I get after work, he would never fail to bring a smile to my face. The sight of him wagging his tail and jumping excitedly simply relieves my stress and my mood would be lifted up. I’m a very lucky paw mama , I feel so blessed to have Archer in my life. We’ve shared extraordinary moments together and I’m surely looking forward to more laughter and surprises in the future. Archer has indeed brought us much joy to me and my family.”

Miao Xuan has nothing but gratitude to the volunteers who rescued Archer. “They have my highest respect, it’s not easy to be a rescuer and I strongly encourage people to adopt , not to shop. These furkids need a place to be called home like we do. They need shelter, they deserved to be loved and appreciated.”

~Adopting a dog is a life time commitment, it’s part of you, part of your family~
Miao Xuan, Archer’s adopter, ADORE Program

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Mongrels can be adopted into HDB flats, under the ADORE program.

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