Baby Yoda

Date: August 20, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

“We have followed SOSD’s Facebook page for a while and attended adoption drives several times intent on helping out but did not know how and where to start. We finally plucked up the courage to sign up as fosters last year and was soon asked to visit the SOSD shelter on a weekend. We were supposed to foster an older dog but it had some fear and aggression issues and as we were first-timers, it wasn’t a good fit. Just as we were about to leave the shelter empty-handed, a volunteer introduced us to six-weeks-old Yoda who was recovering from a huge maggot wound on his back. We decided to bring him home to nurse…

As the weeks passed, with Yoda’s wound healing well, he became ready for adoption drives. For all the times when we brought him to an adoption drive, I cried. I cried for him because he looked lost and uncertain. He couldn’t understand why the only humans he’s known since he was a newborn pup was handing him over to other humans. He would obediently walk with his handler but he would still look back at us….Yoda would blink with excitement when he spots us at the end of the adoption drive and then dash towards us!

It wasn’t love-at-first-sight but we had grown so attached to each other and we couldn’t bear for Yoda to go through the emotional roller coaster of attending adoption drives anymore! Hence, we decided to officially adopt him in March this year.

Yoda may not be a pedigree dog or the most obedient, or handsome or clever dog in other people’s eyes but to us, he’s always our baby. You need to experience the journey to understand it.”

– Michelle & Justin, Yoda’s adopters.

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