Beautiful, Loving Jasmine

Date: April 11, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

We thought this day would never come!

Jasmine is a beautiful, loving dog: she is a girl who gives all her love to anyone who will love her (See her in action at 0.43: Video). Yet, she could not find a home for more than one year. Jasmine has a black coat with white socks and some people see this as being extremely unlucky with funereal elements.

She never had it easy in life. Not having a roof over her head was only the beginning of her problems. After she gave birth, she lost all but one of her babies. Then, complaints caused her and her only surviving puppy, Oolong, to be impounded. They were both lucky to be bailed out and given a second chance. Oolong was adopted shortly after, leaving Jasmine in the shelter.

Today, Jasmine finally begins a new life with her new family. We cannot thank her adopter, Louise, enough, for being able to see past Jasmine’s appearance, and appreciate her for her true beauty. All of us at SOSD have grown to love her so much. For us it is a bitter sweet day as we say goodbye to one of our favourite girls. With the sadness of not being able to see her regularly again is the great happiness of knowing that she finally has the life she always deserved. All the best, Jasmine. We know you will bring as much joy to your new family as you have brought to us!

Beautiful Jasmine 2

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