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Date: March 23, 2017 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight
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Please join us in congratulating Belle Ong for the arrival of her gorgeous baby girl!!

Belle is one of the key members SOSD’s Fundraising Team. She has organised every Flag Day, from the first one, to the one which has just passed on 19 Mar. She organised Flag Day while she was becoming more and more heavily pregnant. And when she went into labour last week – but that did not stop her from her volunteer work. Within hours after her delivery, she was on her computer again, furiously sending out emails, to make sure that the event went smoothly.

While the spotlight at SOSD is usually on the doggies and the handlers who walk, feed, and train them, there’s much more to the organization than that. Without those who work in the background to keep the organization going, financially or otherwise, SOSD wouldn’t have the foundation on which to launch all the initiatives to help our local canines. We are blessed to have a fellow volunteer and friend like Belle, who toils with us, thick and thin, even through this important point of becoming a mother.

“I had always wanted to volunteer but couldn’t find an opportunity that spoke to me. Then I chanced upon a post on SOSD’s Facebook page calling for volunteers. Now I volunteer almost daily, helping with SOSD’s fundraising efforts. SOSD’s first flag day was also my first project!”

Belle works a full-time job, so volunteering with SOSD requires time management skills and lots of energy. What keeps her going?
“Passion is the key. But just as important are my fellow volunteers! Special thanks to Andy Cheng, who has been guiding me since my first day, and my Flag Day core team members, Vicky, Joanne, Ashley, and You Zhi who have been working with me as a team every year!”

Flag Day online donation is still going on! We are very far from our target of $200,000 and need your help to make it happen! Donate at:

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