Billie and Josie

Date: November 28, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hi, I’m Billie. Recently, my family’s life was changed when we adopted Josie.

Our fate changed quite by chance; we saw from the SOSD Facebook page that there was an adoption drive at AMK hub, so we decided to go over and take a look since it was near our home anyway. When we first saw Josie, she was standing by the side all by herself, looking so innocent and cute at the same time. We couldn’t resist her charm and she might have felt the same, since she was a darling and allowed us to pet her. With the stars aligned, we arranged for a homestay. On the 7th day of the homestay, Josie gave me a kiss on the cheek to tell me she loved me! It was such a warm fuzzy feeling and totally sealed the deal for me.

On 25 July, Josie officially became part of our family. She likes me to hug and carry her, especially when she’s feeling afraid or nervous. She enjoys being cuddled like a baby while gazing into my eyes. Josie is literally an introvert! She is shy and wary towards strangers but is warm and plays rough with family and friends, especially during games like fetch and chase. She used to be very skittish outside, but with practice, going on long walks and attending obedience classes, she has become more confident now and is able to walk on a loose leash beside me.

Our family of couch potatoes now has an additional little potato to join us- Josie loves watching TV and she will sit right in front and watch shows together with us. But thanks to her, these potatoes have also changed for the better. We now wake up earlier to exercise and play with her daily. On weekdays, we take morning and evening walks and play ball with her, and on weekends, we explore different places together. We’ve gone to Sentosa, Dairy Farm Nature Walk, East Coast Park, Bishan Park and more, and clock at least 5km of walking each time!

I feel that street dogs are just as sweet as any other “branded” dog and they will love their family with all their heart. At end of the work day, it’s amazing to go home to a buddy that misses you like crazy and lavishes you with plenty of kisses. Even if you leave them for just 10 minutes, they will still welcome you back as though they’ve missed you for 10 years! And it’s an honour to know that if you come home late, your loyal and endearing buddy is camping right by the doorstep, keeping watch and waiting for you to return (I know this for a fact because I watch Josie on spycam. Haha.).

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