Black Singapore Specials

Date: April 24, 2019 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“Black is a classic go-to colour whenever we have no idea what to wear. Black, however, is not a popular colour for Singapore specials. Many turn to white, brown, brown-white but not black. That includes me.

I went to SOSD’s adoption drive last November with my husband and immediately dived into a sea of cute brown, brown-white puppies. Black wasn’t on the top of my list.

After socialising with some of the cuties, we couldn’t quite put a finger to anyone of them. As I was about to call it a day, I turned around and saw this black puppy looking at me, just looking. Why not right?

I went over, squatted down and said hi. The rest was history.

As my husband, the Mr Always Right says, the dog must choose us, not the other way round.

True enough, he did not destroy anything at home even through his teething stage and learnt to pee in the bathroom after a few wrong locations at home.

We named him Olaf. Yes, Olaf the snowman. And no, he does not have an identity crisis. 😂 Because his temperament is ever happy and sociable, and especially good with kids. He would sit there and let them pat his shiny black fur.

He does get into trouble every now and then, like sudden dashes to chase birds and cats (helps to train flabby arms). Chowing down anything that looks like food on the ground caused him a day of non-stop diarrhoea. But well, he is just 6 months old after all.

Olaf enjoys his daily walks and dog park visits every other day. He differentiates clearly who to bully/step all over (the mom) and who is the pack leader (the dad).

We do get some screams and stares from some passersby every now and then. Or questions like, why didn’t you get a small cute dog instead of a stray? I’ve learned to keep calm and walk on.

It’s very heartwarming to see more Singapore specials having their own IG profiles (big shoutout to those who did) and more awareness created for these beautiful beings.

Olaf hopes that more of his friends/siblings will get adopted into loving homes and the society would be more accepting towards these Singapore Specials.

Nick + Mich + Olaf”

Thanks for sharing your awesome adoption journey with us! For all you classy black lovers out there who are keen to have a Singapore special in their homes, please write to us at

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