Calista’s happy story

Date: June 17, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Calista here, with my happy story to share with you!

My childhood wasn’t very comfy. I grew up in a shipyard, playing amongst containers and machinery, with no real shelter over my head. But at least I had my sisters, Coral and Cassia, with me! We depended on each other to survive in the harsh environments and made do with whatever we had. It wasn’t a good place for babies to grow up so I thanked our lucky stars that we were rescued by SOSD volunteers. Sis Cassia and I were overwhelmed to find ourselves in a safe, sheltered place, where for once, we were served food (in bowls!) instead of having to forage for it. 2 lovely ladies, Annabel and Isabelle, told us that they were our fosterers but nonetheless would treat us with as much love as mothers would. Indeed they gave us so much care and taught us many tricks. We really bloomed under them!

The wait for a forever home was tedious though; I attended many adoption drives and tried my best to impress at each one. I thought I’d made a good impression on a family at the drive but unfortunately I still went back empty-pawed. Months passed but I kept my hopes up, and you know what they say about good things and those who wait! One amazing day, the family that I thought I’d connected with actually came back to visit me at my foster home! They apologised for making me wait so long and explained that they had just returned from overseas. “Woof, no worries! What matters is that you’re here now!” I said as I jumped up and down, slathering them with kisses.

Needless to say, I did my best to ace the homestay and made sure to bond well with the family. They were happy with me and officially adopted me in January 2018. What a great new year’s present!

I’m super happy with my new family. They love me very much and provide me with all I need. I even have a nice big garden to play in and get mud spas. They take me out to play and do my necessities in the morning and evening, either at a nearby park or nearby blocks where there’ll be more dogs to play with me. Every alternate weekend is a treat because I’ll be brought to awesome dog runs to enjoy myself and socialise with other dogs. My new siblings say that I’ve helped them become more sociable too, as they will now initiate conversations with other humans to talk about us pups. I miss them every moment that they’re not at home (and I make sure to vocalise that!) and will never fail to greet them with all the love in my heart once they come back. I hear them say that the feeling is mutual! Awww 😍

My new family now tells everyone that street dogs are really loyal and smart and that breed doesn’t matter. They really encourage people to adopt, as long as they have decided to commit and obtained the support of their family too. They say that adoption is a win-win situation because not only does it save a dog, it also frees up space for fosterers to take in more strays and also gives the adopter a lifetime of love and happiness with the dog. Hey, that’s win-win-win! Sounds good to me 😁

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