Medical For Dogs 2020

If you’re a pet owner, you would know having a dog isn’t all about cuddles and walks in the park. Some point in a dog’s life, it’s bound to fall sick, just like a human. Vet bills in Singapore are costly, and a simple tummy upset could cost up to a few hundred dollars. Some […]

Help Feed Dogs on Jurong Island May 2019

Feed Our Jurong Island Dogs

Other than vet fees, one of SOSD’s largest expense is on dog food. In our shelter at Sungei Tengah, we have an average of 80 dogs at any one time, and that uses up approximately 3 large bags of food PER DAY! However, these are not the only dogs that we feed. Together with Noah’s […]

Cause Jurong Island TNRM

Jurong Island Trap, Neuter, Release Program

The Jurong Island Trap, Neuter and Release project was a landmark project in so many ways when it was started in end-2014. For the first time, management of stray dogs on the heavy-industrial island was entrusted to animal welfare groups – ACRES would coordinate, while operational work would be done by SOSD, Noah’s Ark Cares […]

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