Christmas’s adopter, Nora

Date: October 11, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Christmas's adopter, Nora

Remember this boy?
Who would believe that almost a year ago, this boy was dumped at our shelter, blind, and unwanted?

This is Christmas, a ShihTzu that was abandoned during the festive season. He was in a horrible state, going blind from an untreated eye infection. His previous owner was caught on CCTV at Mutts & Mittens Community, and with your help in sharing his story, were identified and fined by the authorities.

But what is more important, is that Christmas will no longer have to suffer the fate of being unloved and discarded again. Christmas’s fosterer, Nora adopted him into their loving family!

“He was very traumatised after being abandoned and he was in such a bad shape then. As I was already fostering him then, and watching him improving day by day, I didn’t want him go through the process of having to adapt to another new environment all over again. So I decided that he will stay with us here for good!”

Today, Christmas lives a “tai tai’s” life where he eats, sleeps, and grows fat:

“Christmas is much better now, and getting fat! His eyes are almost normal except for some dryness, requiring eyedrops. He is not the “manja” type of dog, but he’s very happy. And we love him as much as our other two dogs”

Because you helped share Christmas’ story, he now has a happy ending. Don’t ever stop sharing, because it is only through spreading the word, that we can make a difference, together!

Watch Christmas’ rescue video here:

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