Crystal’s adopter Rina Lee

Date: June 28, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Crystal's adopter Rina Lee
“When my partner Chris and I decided that we wanted a dog, the one condition that we both agreed on was that we would only get a rescue dog. It didn’t matter the breed or age, what mattered was it had to be a rescued dog.

I went through various dog adoption agencies and came across SOSD and saw a few cute dogs on their website that I would like to meet. Upon contacting them I was then asked to check out the adoption drive where we could then have direct interaction with the dogs and decide if there was any that we liked.

We went to the adoption drive in March, the moment we got there we saw dogs of different sizes running around, chasing and barking at each other and looking very adorable. We were slightly overwhelmed as there were a number of dogs and as it was our first adoption drive, we didn’t know where to start looking or what to start doing.

At the corner of our eyes we saw a little sweet dog just sitting quietly at the side as if hiding from all the commotion, very unlike the rest of the dogs running around. She had shy eyes and timid demeanour and seemed content not socialising nor playing with other dogs. We then approached her and patted her, she remained shy and timid and for the next hour she barely moved except the sporadic licks when we gave her treats.

From then on we did not look at other dogs and only gave our attention to Crystal. Although she did not respond much there were very slight moments where she seemed to warm up to us and showed us the potential of what a sweet dog she could be. After a while she agreed to sit on my lap and from then on we were set that she was the one for us.

We then went through the paperwork process and homestay and brought her home first week of May. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience, and while she remained the shy and timid dog that we first met, she has blossomed into a happy, mischievous and “will do anything for food” dog. She loves food, kisses and belly rubs, and she has successfully ravaged all the toys we have gotten for her. Waking up to a massacre of shredded cotton is now a regular morning in our house.

Having a dog itself is rewarding enough, but rescuing a dog from a dark past is another level. It has been such a joy having Crystal with us and we both look forward to going home everyday to be with her for many years to come!”

~ Crystal’s adopter Rina Lee.

We are hoping for more happy endings like Crystal! That is why we conduct adoption drives so often. Our upcoming one is this Sunday!

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