DBS People of Purpose

Date: March 6, 2016 | Posted in: News, Video
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Watch How A Very Special Group of People – DBS: People of Purpose – Made a Difference!

As an animal welfare group, SOSD rarely receives support from corporations. We have been turned away umpteen times when we ask for help. Saving animals is simply not in line with the values of many, while saving stray dogs – the bottom rung of the animals – is even worse. Many do not even want to be associated with us.

However, a very special group of volunteers from DBS Investment & Trading Technology thought otherwise. They approached us, wanting to do their part to help in a way which will impact SOSD in the long run. The amazing team, led by Managing Director Sandra, embarked on a half year project with SOSD, lending their expertise to our cause.

Through their help, SOSD improved our data management system, cloud storage, and revamped our online pet store, Pet Guru Sg (www.petguru.com.sg) to become more user friendly and intuitive.

The team from DBS not only lent their brains, but their strength as well, when we needed volunteers for our events. Through the collaboration, SOSD has become better, and many new friendships were born.

We are so grateful to the DBS team, for going the extra mile, spending time and effort, to make a difference to SOSD. Thank you Sandra, You Zhi, Paulyn, Tristan, Mundit, Gladson and your big team, for making a difference!

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