Dog for Companionship

Date: November 22, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Sherlyn and Chris were looking for a dog for companionship. As first-time dog owners, they were hesitant and were unsure what to expect, but that did not stop them from visiting various dog shelters to look for a suitable dog.

It was at SOSD’s adoption drive that one very special dog caught their attention.

“Candy was particularly clingy to Sherlyn and her friendliness overwhelmed us. We knew that if we were going to adopt a dog, Candy had be the one! We definitely felt a special connection.”

Sherlyn and Chris went on to register their interest to adopt Candy and after two months, Candy was ready to go to her new home.

“Albeit being inexperienced, we were well prepared for Candy. We anticipated Candy to be our worst nightmare but fortunately for us, she was an angel. Candy was very easy to train and we must thank her fosterer for doing a great job. As first time pet owners, it was a rather smooth journey for us. All the head-rubs and face-lickings came as an expected package from a playful and energetic puppy.

On top of that, she easily melts our hearts with her gentle gaze. I’m sure she can get away with crimes by giving us her sweet look. Day by day, we fall deeper in love with her.

Candy has taught us patience and how to love without speaking the same language. She has also taught us what it takes to be a real pack leader.

Street dogs or Singapore specials are not the most popular “breed”. But after having Candy, I can proudly say that she is the nicest dog that I could ever imagine. Candy has exceeded all our expectations in terms of her behaviour and intelligence. Instead of buying a dog, please adopt a Singapore special! Not only will you receive their unconditional love, you will also gain a livelong friend and Candy is one fantastic example.”

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