Dog-loving Powerhouse Andrew

Date: February 4, 2016 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer with SOSD and you will be sure to meet Andrew. Besides heading SOSD’s photography team (Yes, now you know the man and the team behind the beautiful photos you see on SOSD’s Facebook, Instagram and website!), Andrew helps out at the shelter and at SOSD events, helps train new volunteers, fosterers & adopters, and helps with rescuing dogs. In short, this man is a dog-loving powerhouse who dedicates most of his time outside work helping Singapore’s homeless dogs!

Andrew joined us 2 years ago. It began simply enough – he signed up as a flag collector during our first (2013) Flag Day. Fortunately, he decided that he wanted to do more to help:

“As a freelance photographer, I always asked what can I do to improve adoption rates, to increase exposure for homeless dogs; to let the public see how beautiful they are. That is how I started taking photographs of the dogs I walk with. A great picture tells a million words, so if the dogs have better photos, there is higher chance for them to leave the shelter.”

Gradually, Andrew began to participate in other areas of SOSD’s operations as well:

“I try all my best to help, be it rescuing dogs, walking & showering them, training new volunteers, resolving fostered/adopted dogs’ behavioral issues, taking pics, and shelter maintenance work when I can.”

What has Andrew learned in his two years with SOSD?

“The journey of saving dogs has never been easy, and you gain plenty of experience that you can never come across elsewhere. You not only learn to work with difficult dogs, and harsh environments, but also with how to manage and co-operate with people with different personalities.”

SOSD is able to continue its work, because of amazing people like Andrew. He asks that more people join him in furthering SOSD’s cause:

“There is still a lot to do. One person cannot do much, but if everyone gets together and put aside your differences for a common cause, you will embark on an enjoyable & meaningful journey, that will change not only a dog’s, but your life as well.”

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