Doggie Lottery of Life

Date: December 31, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Woof! I’m Toto, a very happy and blissful pooch. Look at me all snugly nestled in my very own bed, with my very own blanket, tucked in lovingly by my very own hoomans. Ahhh bliss. Till this day, I still can’t believe how lucky I am! It was just two months back that I was feeling so dejected after seeing my friends find loving homes one by one while I was left on the shelf. I was well-trained and independent. What was the problem?

One day, at yet another adoption drive, I met a kind looking family. I heard that they were looking for a dog with no separation anxiety. That’s me! So I tried my best to keep flashing them my handsomest smile and being on my best behaviour. But alas, silly me got distracted by all the action around me that I forgot to be charming for a while. The family walked away to look at another dog! I was so sad and thought that I had lost my chance at a home again.

I moped around the house in the days after the drive. In the midst of bemoaning my fate, the doorbell rang. Lo and behold, it was the kind family again! They had come back to give me a second chance! Oh golly oh golly, I was overwhelmed with joy and gave them many grateful hugs to thank them for coming back. Determined not to screw things up again, I did my best to be the perfect pup.

I think I must have done quite well because we soon went on a second date 😅 They invited me to their lovely new home for a slumber party, and even prepared toys and food to welcome me. I pinched myself a few times that night to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Indeed, I wasn’t dreaming. But my dreams have come true! I have all the toys and space that I need, but what I’m most grateful for is that I have a new family to shower with love. Every day is perfect, I will play with my many toys or nap on one of my two (!!) beds while they are at work. When they are back, I’ll shower them with all my love and cuddles and never leave their side.

So I’ve struck Toto (hehe!) in the doggie lottery of life but hundreds of my peers are still waiting for their happily ever after. I promise that they’re all also super eager to please you, just as long as you give them a chance.

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