Elated tail-wagging Bindi

Date: October 11, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Although some dogs may not come in their best state, with sufficient nurture they may blossom into the sweetest of companions.

Bindi, a senior golden retriever, was likely an ex-breeding dog. She was abandoned at the doorstep of the SOSD Rehabilitation Center. At that time, Bindi harboured a serious ear infection and her cloudy eyes indicated she was past her prime. There were signs that Bindi had not been properly treated. When presented with dog treats, toys or even a water bowl, she hesitated. It was heart-wrenching that while many pet dogs indulged in these items regularly, Bindi was only seeing them for the first time.

Bindi was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She also had several mammary lumps that required surgical removal lest they became malignant. Prolonged general anaesthesia was risky due to her old age and even though her surgeries were costly, these were covered by kind donations. Thankfully, Bindi did not have cancer and was soon on the lookout for a permanent home.

When Petrina came across the SOSD Pedigree Dog Adoption Drive advertisement, Bindi caught her attention.

This is her adoption story.

“We were looking for an older dog that is calm and quiet. Although we could not make it for the adoption drive, Bindi never left our minds. It was love at first sight when we met her at the fosterer Angelyn’s house.

Our lives have changed a lot since Bindi joined our family. Due to her age, we have experienced several hiccups including her recent minor cyst removal operation. However, Bindi has brought more joy and love into our lives than we expected. On bad days, she makes us laugh when we need laughing most. Bindi taught us how to love and trust, just like she learned to love and trust again after being abandoned.

Bindi’s bedroom is bigger than ours. It’s true because the entire living room is her bed! She is well loved by all our neighbours and security guards. Recently, we tried walking behind Bindi without a leash. She remembered the usual route home and walked all the way to our doorstep by herself!

Both young and older dogs deserve a second chance in life. Give them an opportunity and they can be extremely loyal and loving companions. There is nothing better than going home to an elated tail-wagging pet!”

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