En and Emm

Date: July 11, 2015 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

En and Emm 110715No one is too young to give voice to a meaningful cause. En and Emm are a shining example of that. If you have the heart and passion, you can help make a difference to the world for the hapless and voiceless animals.

En and Emm 110715En and Emm are partners advocating humane treatment and the societal co-existence of human and other forms of sentient lives. En is just four years old and is SOSD’s youngest advocate to-date. Yesterday Emm went with her human brother to the PAP Community Foundation kindergarten as his partner for a special feature of SOSD Team Outreach. Working together, En demonstrated to his peers on how to walk, feed and pet Emm. He also spoke to his friends about the acceptance of black dogs and corrected the misconception that black dogs are scary.

En and Emm 110715En and Emm form a special pair with a beautiful story that is very dear to our hearts. When Emm was first picked up by our rescue team, she was in a very bad place and in bad shape. Broken by the cruelty and harshness of street life, Emm was extremely fearful of humans, was defensive, and became frantic if anything strange and different came near her. Emm spent several months in SOSD for her physical recovery and rehabilitation. But psychological scars take time and lots of love, patience, understanding, and genuine care from humans to heal. Emm needed a loving family who would commit to love her with all their heart, and be both patient and understanding to help her regain trust in human companionship. That’s when En met Emm and changed her world. It was love and acceptance at first sight and they became the young inseparable pair. En would take her for her walks and clean up after her. His genuine love healed the scars in Emm and she loves him unconditionally with all her heart. Emm would pick him up after school, affectionately waiting at the door that he would come out from. Today this wonderful pair gives back to society by showing and teaching us the meaning of kindness and humanity.

En and Emm 110715We are so proud of En. Though just four years old his life tells a powerful message that society needs the constant reminder that our moral progress stems from the way we treat the helpless and voiceless animals in our midst. We also want to thank En’s parents, for the pivotal foundation of his humanity even in his early years. When we teach a young child compassion and kindness, he will never depart from it.

The humane social foundation of our future generations may lie in the education derived from our society’s living examples. SOSD’s Team Education and Outreach reaches out to the younger generation of future leaders by spreading social awareness and educating humane moral values to students in schools and institutions through our in-house action programs and social modules. If you would like us to come to your school or institution, or to explore volunteerism in our Outreach programs, you can reach us at our Team Education and Outreach email: outreach@sosd.org.sg

As SOSD is fully operated by volunteers, please note that the availability of these programs will depend on the availability of volunteers.

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