Eunice and Wilson, Sasha’s adopters

Date: January 22, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“Her goofy-ness and her eager heart to love us made us fall in love immensely with her” – Eunice and Wilson, Sasha’s adopters

Over two years ago, SOSD rescued Sasha, with her two-month-old siblings, from a factory in Jurong when the factory wanted to call AVA to remove the puppies. Today, Sasha lives happily with her adopters!

When Eunice and Wilson attended one of SOSD’s adoption drives, what caught their eyes initially was not Sasha, but another dog named Muffin. However, as it turned out, Muffin was not suitable due to various reasons. One of SOSD’s rehomers, Lynette, then introduced Sasha to Eunice and Wilson, and they decided to give Sasha a chance after seeing her photos – her big ears and piggy tail made her so adorable and irresistable!

When Sasha began her homestay with Eunice and Wilson, it was not all smooth sailing. Sasha was initially bullied by their cat, Patches, but that did not stop her from initiating this dog-cat-ship with Patches. Sasha was also quite a quick learner; within a week of her homestay, she knew her way home from different routes!

“She is our reason why we want to get straight home after work!”- E&W

Sasha has provided laughter and unconditional love to the adopters. If either of them was not feeling well, she would lie down quietly beside them, as though telling them, “Hey hooman, I know you’re not well. I’m not asking for anything, just wish to be right with you.” And when the adopters come home, she would always welcome them back with her wagging tail and a big smile.

Eunice and Wilson would like to encourage everyone to open their hearts to our Singapore Specials:

“Once you get to know these stray dogs, you’ll see they are really the sweetest things, just like Sasha. In fact, they will show their gratitude by loving you with all their heart for letting them into your lives! These street dogs are just as loveable, just as trainable, just as huggable as other dogs!”

Thank you, Eunice and Wilson, for loving Sasha unconditionally as well!

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