Finding Love and Bliss: Niko

Date: December 6, 2020 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Adoption of Niko by Malcolm and his family

“I was browsing through the SOSD gallery with my family when Niko caught our eye. We contacted SOSD and arranged for a meet up with her. It is not about adopting a particular dog but to adopt Niko is to have the thought of saving two lives; a dog gets to be rehomed, another dog gets to take up the space and given a second chance.

In terms of bonding, we can see that she opened up gradually and trusted us more. She will respond to ‘come’ and will always find ways to show and receive affection. I am glad that she will always welcome my family members home, like running towards us with joy. Additionally, Niko is a fan of massages. I would sit down by her side to sweep her head and massage around her ears until she falls asleep. She also likes to play fetch!

Life with Niko comes with joy and responsibility. I am definitely comforted by her affection and amused by her personality. I have learned a lot, especially in reading up what are the best mentally stimulating toys, and healthy foods that I can provide. It has also introduced me to a new community of people and I get to educate people about helping other dogs find homes.

Additionally, adopting Niko gave me patience. I learned to scold and teach but never crossing the line; I cannot become frustrated or angry. Our lives have gotten healthier because we have to get out to walk her. I have also met some regular walkers which helps me to become more social. With that being said, I would not have done all of these without my dog. Above all, Niko has brought our family even closer.

Niko is an energetic dog and she has to be walked at least twice a day; once in the morning and another in the evening. Her playtime is always after her meals and she will spend the noon taking a nap.

Although adopting a street dog is exciting and rewarding, it comes with tremendous responsibility. When you have decided to bring a dog home, you are making a commitment that you do your best to provide for them for the rest of their life. Please do not assume that these dogs have aggression due to their looks or rather shy and fearful. They may show significant improvement when adopted into a stable family environment. If you have ever considered purchasing a dog, I would suggest that you give these dogs a chance.”

We can’t be more thankful to Malcolm and his family for giving Niko a loving home. If you’re interested to adopt, please visit our page at

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