Good Girl Ariel

Date: October 25, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hi! I’m Ariel, four years old, and here’s my story.

I was raised on a puppy farm where I was kept in a cage with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. I slept with my back to the wall to make sure I was safe. I was occasionally brought out of the cage by a big human to mate.

When my puppies arrived, they were soon taken from me and sold. The poor living conditions caused me to come down with a skin infection and the terrible diet made me lose my teeth. I also developed an umbilical hernia. But I kept smiling!

One day in June 2017, all the dogs on that puppy farm were rescued! We moved from small cages to lovely foster homes. And then the best day of my life came – I was adopted! My new Mummy and Daddy gave me lots of cuddles and toys. I was wary at first but gradually warmed up to them.

Mummy and Daddy gave me food I never tasted before. It was so yummy! I was given a soft, pink thing and was made to sleep on it. I think you humans call it a bed. It is super comfortable! I get baths, haircuts and lots of treats and cuddles. But you know what’s the best thing ever? We go outdoors three times a day! When we’re outside, I run through the green grass, chase birds, say hello to other dogs and receive praises from other humans.

Life is good! I‘ve almost forgotten what my old life was like.

Mummy and Daddy say I’ve changed their lives for the better, but I wonder if they know it’s actually the other way round. They never shout at me and always say, “Ariel’s a good girl!” Don’t know what that means, but I love the sound of it!

I hope you like my adoption story! It’s my little wish that other dogs get adopted too. 🙂


*Story credit to Ariel’s Mummy, Nikhat

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