Goodbye, Dear Zoey

Date: January 22, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

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In May last year, what was a unique sanctuary for communuty dogs, hidden in Buangkok, was razed to the ground for development. More than 50 dogs lost their homes. Animal Welfare Groups came together save as many as we can.

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SOSD took in 22 dogs then.. But amongst them, a pair of dogs caught our eyes from the very first time we set foot there: a pair of dogs, who lived together in a cage built by their caretaker. They were inseparable, sleeping, eating, running about together. We named the older girl with a white face Lily; and the beautiful, calm brown and white girl Zoey.

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Zoey was terrified when she first came to SOSD. But she never showed any aggression, allowing us to touch, hug and even carry her. It took 4 months of rehabilitation for her to open up to us, and before long, we were greeted with her wagging tail and her smiling face. She became one of the sweetest girls in SOSD: quiet, calm, obedient. She was always eager to go on her walks. All this time, Zoey and Lily were still, inseparable.

Zoey, like many of our rescues, was diagnosed with tick fever. But unlike most others, she could never get rid of the infection, despite months of treatment. She began to lose weight recently, requiring hospitalisation. Today, Zoey collapsed at Animal Recovery Centre. Her vet resuscitated her for half and hour. We were so determined to save her – she had a potential adopter waiting for her, to give her a home once she was better.

Zoey did not make it today. She passed away earlier, at the vet.
All of us are heartbroken. But we know, that Lily, is the most heartbroken of all. When Zoey’s body was sent back to SOSD Rehab Centre this evening, Lily came forward, to say her goodbyes to her best friend in life.

Zoey’s cremation is tomorrow at Tengoku, at 1pm. If you would like to say goodbye to her, please come to Tengoku, 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, 519326, at 12.45pm. Thank you.

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Our greatest wish now, is for Lily to find a home. Every dog deserves a home they can call her own; and no dog should have to live their last days in a shelter. Lily is old, and the chances are slim, but we will promise to work harder. We know this is what Zoey would have wanted for her best friend.

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