Happily Ever After

Date: May 24, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Happily ever after does not only exist in fairytales, at least not for Bebe and Poh.

Bebe was raised on a fish farm and developed cataract in her eyes that resulted in her frequently falling into the sea. The caretaker was worried that Bebe would drown and called SOSD for help to rehome Bebe.

Big-hearted Juhi was at one of SOSD volunteers’ briefing when Bebe literally bumped into her. Bebe was probably one of the oldest dogs at the adoption drive, almost completely blind, but the two instantly felt something special between them. Juhi was initially concerned about adopting Bebe due to her busy work schedule and decided to foster Bebe for a week to see how things would turn out. That week was all it took for Juhi and her then boyfriend (now husband) to fall in love with Bebe. One thing led to another and Juhi adopted Bebe. The lovely couple even arranged for Bebe’s eyes to be treated and now Bebe has near perfect vision.

Poh was one of the other dogs that Juhi and her husband fostered over the years. However, like Bebe, there was an instant bond between Poh and the family (including Bebe). Bebe, who is very much the queen of the house, and who never took to any of their fostered dogs, actually liked Poh and they developed a quiet but special bond. Like any other senior dog, Poh had his set of health issues – yeast infection, slow heartbeat – but that did not stop the couple from adopting Poh into the family. “Adopting Poh was the second best decision we made” – Juhi.

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Both Bebe and Poh have become confident and secure dogs under the love and care of Juhi and her family. Juhi can never forget Bebe’s first walk after she got her sight back, every little thing excited her. Bebe would stand and watch how a leaf fell from a tree. Poh, on the other hand, has brought much joy and laughter to the family. He darts into every room like he was late for a party and has a special ability to fall asleep standing up. “Our home is always a happy place because of the two of them, and they really make my husband and I feel like we have our own little family.” It is without any doubt that Bebe and Poh are part of the family. Juhi shared, “As with any pet, there will always be medical issues but like a family, you do whatever it takes to ensure they live a long, happy and healthy life – no questions asked!”

Juhi urges those who are considering adopting a dog to do so with an open heart, “Please don’t judge a book by its cover. Adopted dogs have a history and a story, like all of us, and they are often kinder, more patient, more grateful and more loving because of it.”

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