Harley and her adopter, Mageswari

Date: April 16, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Mageswari 160417
“I have always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter. Reason being, I believed they deserve a 2nd chance of living. We came across the adoption drive on SOSD FB page and decided to go down with an open mind. Harley caught our eyes the minute we reached there. She was so shy that she was staying put next to her fosterer throughout. We went around the whole place taking a look at the others but for some reason our mind was on Harley. We decided to put our names down to adopt her and soon we received a call from the volunteer saying that we can try out for the home stay.

We made arrangements with the fosterer to have a few meet up sessions with us so that we can get to know her better. She was shy with us at first but slowly warmed up to us. She was keeping to herself in a corner initially during the home stay. I thought that she might keep the distance for long. But slowly things changed. Today she lies down by our side whenever we watch TV or jumping at us with her tail wagging when we returned home after work. She has brought happiness in our lives and made our home livelier. She is like our child and at times she behaves like one too.

We enjoy bringing her out to the pet café and park where she can interact with the other dogs. She has made friends along the way and always receives compliments for her behaviour. She has even become my neighbour’s friend who always stops by to give her a pat. She is also good with children.

You could have heard stories about how stray dogs are fierce and can’t be tamed but the many true adoption stories featured here including ours have proven this wrong. These are actual true testimonials. They are equally smart and loving just like a pure breed. They can easily be domesticated and trained to obey commands. They may be big but their hearts can be even bigger. We believe that these innocent animals deserve to live just like anyone else and not be condemned or culled for no matter what reason. I encourage those who are looking forward to getting a pet to give a chance at adoption. There are many puppies and adult dogs that are looking for their forever homes. The love that they can show you would prove that you did make the best decision by adopting. As for us, we didn’t go wrong and are looking forward to getting our 2nd adoption in the near future.”

— Mageswari

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