In Loving Memory Ol’ Boy

Date: March 13, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Video

3 years ago, we came across a dirty, old dog. He was very ill, immobile and full of ticks. He had been yelping in pain for 3 days at the same spot but no one came to rescue him until a nearby resident informed us. We took the dog to the vet. But when we consulted an animal communicator he told us that all the dog wanted was the warmth of a home to spend his last days. We brought him home and in doing so, our lives were changed, forever.

We named him Ol’ Boy, and little did we expect that his story will touch the hearts of millions across the world. We were so surprised, when even now, three years later, Hillside School the USA contacted us, telling us that they have included his story in the latest issue of their magazine.

Towards Ol’ Boy, we extended a simple act of an act of kindness, borne from the compassion for another living being, even if it was one we did not know. Little did we expect that in doing so, Ol’ Boy would blaze the trail that SOSD would take. Today, we continue to extend that kindness to so many other dogs in need day after day. There are no boundaries to caring for another sentient being.

Thank you so much, dear baby. You have done so much more than you can ever have imagined. We will always miss you.

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