Jamie’s Adopters, Alicia

Date: October 19, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

There were many times I feel like strangling Jaime especially with the lack of sleep and it took true tenacity (and loads of prayers!) not to do so. For those of you considering adoption, truth is puppies are cuddly, cute and all but the cuteness will not last forever and once that goes off, the “naughty” things that they do may not seem so tolerable. Jaime has brought the family loads of joy but not unlike raising a kid, she requires hard consistent work.

The team was very encouraging, cheering me on with the little successes, sympathetic when I had a rough night (having survived on a few days of less than 5 hours of sleep) and giving suggestions and advice when I was having behavioral issues with J. And all these, they did it out of genuine desire to help these street dogs and out of love.

jamies adopters
My seven year old daughter who is in charge of showering Jaime lately said, “You know Mama, when we adopt, we do not save just one life. We save two – Jaime’s as well as another street dog which now has a space at the shelter.” I cannot be a prouder mum, to both the kiddo and to the furkid.

This is our love (albeit sometimes hair-pulling) story.

Many dogs are still waiting to spend their days surrounded by the warmth of a family, and many are still out there, battling the harshness of street life. By adopting, you will indeed save two lives, because when you take a dog out of the shelter, into your loving home, another dog can then take that spot.

If you are interested to make one of our furkids a part of your family, do fill u this form, and our rehoming team will be in touch with you shortly-http://sosd.org.sg/adopt-a-dog/how-to-adopt/adopter-sign-up-form/

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