Jocelin, Merry’s adopter

Date: June 5, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories, Volunteer Spotlight
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“Back in November 2015 I was a polytechnic student doing my internship, and I had some free time so I looked up the Internet for dog shelters to volunteer. When I first joined the shelter I did not think of adopting a dog because my parents did not allow it, and that’s also why I joined the shelter – to get to walk and interact with dogs. After an orientation period and several pack walk sessions with the dogs I realised that these dogs really needed a home and I felt that I could give at least one of them a home. Thus, I began persuading my parents to adopt a dog, I told them stories of some of stray dogs and abandoned dogs at SOSD. With much persuasion, they finally agreed!

I also told them that through pack walks I’ve learned how to train and walk dogs and increased my knowledge of taking care of a dog. Thus, they believed that I was responsible enough and ready to adopt a dog. After getting my parents’ consent, I volunteered for an adoption drive and to also look for the dog to adopt! At first I wanted to adopt a puppy but she was not HDB-approved so the SOSD volunteer suggested Merry. I read Merry’s story on Facebook and thought that she was the type of dog I wanted to help. Merry was a hit-and-run accident survivor and was diagnosed with an illness that even though she has recovered, she remains a carrier of it. So it was tough to find an adopter for her. However I said OK and after meeting Merry for the first time I fell in love with her! She was super adorable and manja!! When Merry first came to my home, she was very calm and cool and it was easy to settle her in. It was probably because my friend’s dog was at my home too so she had company for settling in. She behaved really well and started to get attached to me. She would whine at the door every morning until I wake up!

Today, Merry is a healthy and happy girl in our family, and she always makes my family laugh with her silly actions and innocent face 🙂 I’m really glad that I persuaded my parents to adopt a dog, and definitely do not regret adopting Merry because I think I have just gained a new Best Friend.

For those who are serious about adopting a dog but have parents that do not agree, I suggest you take the first step to show your parents that you are responsible and serious enough to have a dog. I believe that as long as you are determined to save these dogs, they will ultimately agree! These dogs in SOSD really deserve warm and loving homes and much more. So, please hurry and adopt one today because you will never know what you will receive from the dogs – loyalty, companionship, and loving cuddles with them – if you are alone.”
– Jocelin, Merry’s adopter

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