Lamb Chop wins the hearts

Date: November 29, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Nugget, Szu’s dog for 16 years, finally succumbed to several illnesses in March. At that time, SOSD had just rescued a senior ex-breeding poodle and other dogs from a puppy farm.

Szu felt compelled to help the senior poodle. However, she had some concerns. Adopting a senior dog could mean yet another heartbreak. Further, Szu was not keen on poodles as she thought them to be little frou frou dogs. That perception changed after some research. The poodle breed was in fact extremely suitable for her family. So Szu took a chance and adopted the senior poodle.

In remembrance of Nugget, Szu intended to give her new dog a similar name, like ‘Meatball’. However, the poodle resembled a little lamb so much that she chose “Lamb Chop” instead.

When Lamb Chop was brought home, she was very timid and easily spooked and the first two days were spent hiding in her crate. Luckily, she warmed up to her new owners and blossomed into a cheeky little fuzzball. These days Lamb Chop enjoys being brushed, watching Netflix in bed with Szu and doing tricks. Her owners hope she would eventually enjoy taking walks with them.

Lamb Chop’s endearing nature wins the hearts of almost everyone who sees her and she also helped in Szu’s healing. Lamb Chop now has a special spot in Szu’s heart.

Like many people who have successfully adopted rescued dogs, Szu agrees that rescued dogs seem to have boundless love to share despite their often sad experiences in life. These dogs are indeed not inferior to store-bought dogs, and it is a joy to see them break out of their shell. Rescued senior dogs deserve a chance and may be well-suited for people who enjoy calm dogs.

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