Love at First Sight

Date: September 27, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hi everyone! I’m a handsome Italian Grey Hound and they call me Gino. SOSD asked me this week to share my journey on how I found my forever home!

Well, you know.. I’m an older dog, I’ve cataracts, and I need more showers and trips to pee. I heard many people prefer to bring home young little things and so I didn’t have much hope. I was happy to soak up the love of foster care and didn’t want to rush another move, I wanted to wait… until I found the right family who really loves me for who I am.

Sometime later, my human fosterer, Gek Noi, and my fluffy foster mate, Toffee, decided to take me to a match-making session at Chempaka Avenue Park. I must admit I was nervous because I was in the midst of my celebrity makeover of a high-calorie diet with a skin and teeth care regime. Who will fall for someone like me?

I don’t believe in love at first sight but I saw this beautiful Iggy prancing past me. Oh, My God, I’m in love with a young, beautiful hound named Milan and her human! I realized after seeing Milan – I could be living the dream – lounging in her bed, having lines of trees for peeing on, experiencing human love, eating chicken dinners, sunbathing and going on long walks, what a life she has!
Milan, of course, was expecting someone younger and less knocked-about so I had to gather all my courage and show her my strengths. I knew I had to walk with elegance and stride like a steed in a dressage arena. Well, my tactics worked with the human too! A homestay was arranged shortly after.

Never did I imagine I would be sleeping next to such a perfect canine. I am now nicely settled into an arranged marriage with Milan. I knew I must continue to impress her so that the love is not one-sided. I am polite, always wait to be served my meals and never attempted to sleep on her bed. I am pleased to report that one occasion, she even made room for me! OMG, can you imagine my excitement?! I let her bark and make a fuss over guests (so my humans will fall deeper in love with me, muahahhaha) and I only leave Milan when I go driving with my humans. I try my best to make her human love me too!

I love the humans just like Milan does. I snuggle up to them frequently and feel special when they encourage me to sleep on their bed. Well, I can’t see well enough to navigate the stairs so I wait patiently for them to carry me up and down.
Now that the deed is done, the best thing about my new home is knowing that I am loved and I have a family who is happy to let me live my dream. To all the older dogs out there seeking adoption, I’d say never give up hope! Love at first sight (canine or human) happens!

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