Lovely and Beautiful PrettyMa

Date: September 6, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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PrettyMa, a Cockapoo mix, was a heavily pregnant dog in a tick-infested house. She was among eight other health-stricken dogs that had to be rehomed.

On 11th April 2017, a Facebook appeal to help a pregnant dog was sent out. Estee and two volunteers were appalled when they viewed PrettyMa the next day. As they stood in shock, they could feel ticks crawling up their legs. It was obvious that the dogs have had severe tick infestation for a while. Their gums and tongues were deathly pale – a sign that help was needed immediately.

Estee took in two dogs, one of which was PrettyMa. She worked labouriously to detick them. However, three days of hard work did little to rid them of ticks. Prettyma’s severe tick infection was compounded by her unborn babies. She needed a blood transfusion urgently which, luckily, was quickly administered at the vet clinic. Her puppies were born ten days after her rescue! For the next four months, Estee nursed PrettyMa back to health. Due to her previously inadequate socialisation, PrettyMa would growl and bark at everything and snapped at people’s heels if they approached her puppies. It was only after rehabilitation and with her puppies growing up that PrettyMa calmed down and became suitable for rehoming.

Meanwhile, Carmen had been searching for the one dog that she could feel a connection with. She wanted an outdoor companion who could motivate her into leading a healthier lifestyle while bringing love and care into her house. In May, she attended a SOSD adoption drive and was assessed by the SOSD rehoming team. The instant Carmen met PrettyMa, she felt a strong trust and closeness. Estee, the fosterer, was surprised. Carmen said that none of the previous dogs she met matched PrettyMa better in personality and interaction. It was clear to Carmen that PrettyMa was meant for her.

And so it happened. Carmen took PrettyMa home, where Asia the cat also resided. Even though the two animals are given their own special rooms, PrettyMa likes Carmen so much that she follows Carmen around the house all the time. The two’s daily routine includes morning and evening walks at the park nearby. While Carmen is out at work, PrettyMa and Asia will keep each other company in the house. Sometimes, Carmen pops in during lunchtime to check on them. On some weekends, Carmen brings PrettyMa out to visit their dog friends. Recently, the two had a reunion with PrettyMa’s sister and PrettyMa’s puppies.

Carmen believes a rescued dog can be just as lovely and beautiful as other dogs. These dogs will respond to a caring family with love. Carmen says that although you may have to wait, stay patient and the dog that is meant for you will eventually show up.

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