Lucky, Lavender Boy: A Story of Love, Kindness, and Coming Home

Date: July 20, 2015 | Posted in: Rescue Stories

Lucky Lavender BoyIt is hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since Lavender Boy, now named Lucky, was rescued. In August 2013, this quiet old man, a stray in Lavender for 10 years, lost his home, and nearly his life. Someone did not like the sight of an old dog dirtying the streets, and called AVA to take him away.

His feeder happened to be there, and begged for a day more to remove him herself. That day, we received a call from the feeder, crying. Lavender Boy’s story touched the hearts of so many, who valiantly stood up to help him – offering to foot his vet bills, transport him, etc. He as promptly rescued, and sent to his foster home – with Caroline and her family.

Fate played a cruel joke shortly after. Lavender Boy, now named Lucky by Caroline, was diagnosed with terminal cancer: which explained his huge sagging belly. His vet predicted 3 months, 6 at most. It was perhaps the universe’s way of trying to help him find peace and respite in the last few months of his life.

But this old, charming man was not going to give up his new life so easily. He outlived his vet’s predictions. By a month, then another, then a year and more! Lucky gradually lost weight, but never lost his sweetness, his voracious appetite, and his love for his new family: both humans and dogs. Miraculously, he was always comfortable, and never in pain. 3 days ago, Lucky finally said goodbye to his family of 2 years. He was surrounded by his family, who showered him with love, prayers and mantras over his last months of his life.

Lucky is free now. He should have died 2 years ago, in August 2013. But because you cared, a homeless, sick dog, was given the best 2 years of his life, before he left this world, who he thought had no place for a stray dog like him. Thank you from the bottom our hearts, for all the compassion, the love, the care. Singapore is a better place, because of all the kindness which still lives.

Lucky Lavender Boy“I had followed SOSD for some time, and always wanted to do my part to help. When I first saw the appeal for Lucky, I knew he was the one who would need my help the most – This dog was old, fat and unwanted, I thought. With so many cute puppies out there, I doubted he would any chance of getting adopted.

Many people have the misconception that older dogs are stubborn and not trainable. People often say “you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks”. However, my journey with Lucky proves otherwise.

Lucky Lavender BoyLucky was already diagnosed with stomach cancer when he came to me. As the vet predicted that he would only have a life span of another 3-6 months, I made the decision to let him stay till he crossed over. Lucky was tame, calm, gentle and well-behaved. Though a street dog for more than 10 years, he was toilet trained and could understand simple commands. He got along so well with my cat and 2 cocker spaniels. Our bond built up within days.

Instead of 6 months as predicted, Lucky stayed with me for almost 2 years, only struggling more towards the last one month or so before he passed away peacefully on the night of 16 July 2015.

Lucky Lavender BoyMany may see that I’m the one giving all the love to him. That’s not true, I got back a lot more from him in return. His unconditional love, fighting spirit and patience during his final days have inspired me enormously. It’s an unexplainable experience; an experience only one who has gone through it would know.For those of you who are worry about adopting older dogs, this is what I want to say to you. True, they may not be as cute or immediately trainable as puppies. However, their loyalty, stability, calmness are just a few good reasons adopt them. They are great to hae around as companions. Give the older dogs a chance to be adopted, you will never regret it, and get lots more in return.”

~ Caroline, Lucky’s fosterer, and eventual keeper.

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