Lynette, volunteer who is the heart of it all

Date: December 11, 2015 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

Rehoming work is an integral part of SOSD’s operations, the blood that pulses through SOSD’s veins. Today, we introduce our volunteer who is the heart of it all, the muscle that pumps blood through SOSD — Lynnette.

Lynnette plays a major role at SOSD: she heads the team that rehomes fostered dogs. Forget parties and holidays — with more than 40 dogs being fostered at any one point time — Lynnette spends all her time running around Singapore, making sure that the dogs under her charge are in good care. In her three years with SOSD, Lynnette has helped more than 40 homeless dogs find their home, no easy feat, considering the fact that she holds a full time job!

What exactly does it take to be a rehomer? In a typical week, Lynnette visits a couple of houses to either check out a potential foster/ adoptive home, or to check on a dog to ensure that the homestay is going well. She also meets with adopters to get adoption papers signed for dogs being adopted. As if those do not occupy enough of her time, she also constantly communicates and follows up with the fosterers and adopters and attend adoption drives, on top of other SOSD-related events, training sessions and meetings.

Besides rehoming, Lynnette actively fosters dogs that have difficulty finding a place to stay. She is currently fostering Cody, a delightful boy stricken with diabetes. Cody requires regular vet checks and injections twice daily. Lynnette shares, “Cody is one of the best gifts I’ve received from SOSD (in addition to my other foster dog Bloch). He wasn’t an easy to dog to have due to his illness but he’s much better now — healthy and happy. And very naughty! He’s adjusted well to our home and our dogs, even though we had to make pretty drastic changes in the home to prevent him from marking at various places — he can’t be sterilised yet due to his diabetes. However he’s gotten used to his twice-daily insulin jabs. He sits and waits for me after his meals, maybe because he knows that after his jabs he would get extra hugs and kisses!”

Lynnette adds, “I’ve met many wonderful people through SOSD, people who are full of passion and people who have so much to give. We have got a great bunch of volunteers and I believe they are the main driving force of SOSD. I can’t imagine doing all this without their support and encouragement, especially when we are faced with difficult situations and people, and the disappointment and heartbreak that comes along with dog rescue.

“Volunteering really changes your life and I can’t remember how life was before I joined SOSD. I sure would have a lot of spare time in my hands! The amount of time the volunteers give to this cause, is truly amazing. There’s a lot of work still left to be done in animal welfare and it would be great to have more people join in this cause!”

SOSD’s rehoming team is in dire need of volunteers. Should you like to be part of this meaningful cause, please sign up at:

And thank you Lynnette for your amazing contributions and love!

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