Martin Willday, Pedigree Rehoming Team

Date: February 9, 2017 | Posted in: Volunteer Spotlight

Martin Willday
Martin Willday is the current Pedigree Rehoming Team IC, and he basically lives and breathes the rehoming life.

“I volunteer full time. If I’m not sleeping, I’m pretty much available 24/7 to rehoming colleagues, adopters, fosterers, rescuers, and many others. I even get calls from people I’ve never met, who somehow get my number and ask me if I can rehome their dog!”

Martin started as a fosterer, signing up after his wife saw a SOSD Facebook post urgently requesting fosterers. That started a journey that has been as much about the people as it has been about the dogs.

“My first memorable event in SOSD wasn’t even really dog-related. After our first foster dog, Wiki the poodle, had been rehomed, Teresa, his rehomer brought over a few snacks for me and my wife as a thank you. We didn’t expect anything, we’d had a lot of fun fostering, but this encouraged us to continue to foster for SOSD. Of course, I’ve since learnt that Teresa is this generous to everyone and that her butter cake is SOSD’s no.1 recruitment tool for rehomers.

“This simple act of kindness really exemplifies the camaraderie at SOSD.”

The people at SOSD make all the difference with their passion for helping the dogs of Singapore, and one such episode inspired Martin to join the rehoming team.

“In 2014, I began to foster an old Shih Tzu named Suzy Coco. She was a fantastic dog, full of joy even though she had cancer, heart issues, skin problems, allergies and poor eyesight.

“Whilst I was away for a week, and Coco was being fostered by another volunteer, she developed an infection. We returned from holiday, took her directly to the vet, and she was diagnosed with pyometra (a life-threatening infection in the uterus). I called Teresa, the rehomer responsible for Coco, and within five minutes the decision to carry out the life-saving surgery on Coco had been made.

“That commitment SOSD showed to Coco stood out markedly, and led to me joining the rehoming team. I should also note that after Coco recovered from the surgery, my wife and I then adopted her, because how could we not after SOSD had shown that kind of commitment to her?”

As you can see, while it’s the dogs that bring you to SOSD, it’s the people who will keep you there.

“The volunteering journey with SOSD is very rewarding because all the volunteers are so motivated – any time of day, or even night – there’s always someone willing to drop what they’re doing to go help a dog.

“If you’re thinking of volunteering for SOSD, go for broke. Get involved, be active in the chats, and you’ll soon discover that you’ll be part of something extraordinary!”

You heard the man! To find out more about volunteering opportunities with SOSD, click on this link:

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