Mudcake’s adopter, Paige Walker

Date: July 26, 2016 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Mudcake Adopter Paige

Remember Mudcake?

She was a 3.5 month old brown puppy that was found in a monsoon drain at Lorong Halus in April.

Her desperate cries caught the attention of a passerby and SOSD was called in to help.

Covered in mud, Mudcake was rescued by Dr Siew and team and her life as a stray dog was history.
(To watch Mudcake’s dramatic rescue on youtube, please click here)

In less than 2 months, Mudcake was adopted by Ms Paige Walker and her family. Paige and her husband are both dog lovers and after settling down in Singapore, they felt that it was time to add a new member to the family.

“We learnt about SOSD, and were impressed with the care and energy that the organisation puts into re-homing its dogs. We went for our first adoption drive down in Sentosa, and that’s where we met Mudcake. She had such incredible energy, she was so curious and playful – we just adored her from the moment we saw her.” Mudcake’s fosterer was calling her Cookie and she seemed to prefer that name so we renamed her Cookie.”

“We walked Cookie around at the adoption drive and was instantly drawn to her sweet and fun personality. She loved to be around other dogs and was comfortable playing with them regardless of their size. We were certain Cookie was the ONE for us.”

Like all new dog owners, Paige had to deal with some puppy anxiety issues that Cookie had.

“When we first took Cookie home, though, we realized she was much more at ease around dogs than she was around people. She was very timid, cowering away from us.”

Paige persevered and soon enough, Cookies warmed up to them. Cookie’s playful nature emerged and she began following Paige around the house. She loves to drop her toys at their feet and seemed to have an endless desire to play.

“Now that she’s comfortable around our house, she can entertain herself for hours – tossing her toys around – and then pouncing on them like a little kitten. She’s a silly, strange little girl and we love her so much!”

With Cookie around, Paige found herself less stressed after a tiring day at work.

“Cookie has made every day brighter. Her unconditional happiness when we walk in the room lifts our spirits, and after a long day at work, nothing helps to shake off the stress of the day like going out for a walk with this sweet little pup. People who see her pictures get the impression that she’s smiling, and she really is! It’s her smile that brings us so much joy every day.”

Paige walks Cookie daily and on top of her daily walks, Cookie gets to go out on weekends to dog parks or beaches for some socialising with other dogs. Having a dog requires commitment, and it does gets tiring at times for Paige, however, Paige strongly feels that not a day goes by when it doesn’t seem worth it.

“Cookie brings so much energy and happiness into our home, and our love for her has made our love for each other even stronger, too. There are so many dogs out there that need a home. Bringing cookie into ours has been an incredibly fulfilling experience and we wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Cookie (or Mudcake) found her furever home and we hope that the other dogs in SOSD would too.

Do join our next adoption drive at the SOSD Shelter on 7 August 2016

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