My Adoction

Date: January 27, 2019 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“One day, I was trotting down Paya Lebar square with heaps of my friends. I was just over by the grass but I felt nervous when this lady came up to say hi. You know what they say, don’t talk to strangers!!

With a lot of help from my foster parents and rehomer though, I met her family a few times. I was quite nervous and kept to myself for a bit. On the first night of my homestay, a friendly neighbour pointed at me with a stick and asked if I was the new dog. Boy, was I scared by that giant stick!! I think mom and I were both glad that mom wouldn’t let go of my leash when things like that happened.

After staying with them for a few days, I slowly opened up and wormed my way into their hearts. I started giving lots of hugs to mom, but I am getting more comfortable with dad, grandpa and grandma each day!

The more time I spend with them, the more I love stealing food, ripping things apart, playing in the dog runs and sometimes running away when they call me! And although mom would always try to be strict with me or look angry, she is secretly encouraged by how comfortable I am asking for what I want and being myself these days.

Day by day, we work with different tricks with varying focus and it has been said that training may not show immediate results. After all, us dogs like humans, have our own personalities and paces. However, after persevering and doing the best we could over a few months, my family has been so proud of how I approach even some strangers with curiosity now!

Before this, it was odd for my dad to imagine adopting me or me fitting into the family… But now he sees how we were pawfect for each other and can’t imagine life without my goofiness. Cheesy as it may sound, my family and I remind each other of the beauty in life’s struggles.

Enough said. It’s time to look deep into my mom’s eyes and ask her to play with me. Doc/Doug out. Have a lovely day, everyone!”

With love,

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