My mummy is my love

Date: May 6, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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“Every time mid-May rolls around, there will be carnations and gifts given by children to a lady they call… Mummy. Who or what is mummy? And why does she deserve gifts? I truly didn’t know… I was a street dog, the smallest in my litter. Who could I have asked? Here is my story…

One day, I was bundled into a big crate and the next thing I knew, I was in a playpen with several other bewildered pups. There were so many giant humans looming over us, making loud cooing noises and trying to carry us. It was rather scary and overwhelming for a small puppy. I was passed around from human to human, but I remember being held by a pretty lady and a handsome man. Their eyes brimmed with kindness and they were so warm to snuggle up to. I heard them say that they wanted to give me a forever home. Forever? What’s that?

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself in a strange new place. Where was my familiar spot? Where was my fosterer?? The good looking couple was the only familiar thing; they tried to encourage me to be brave and to not fear them. “This is your new home!” they said. But how could I not fear? Everything in my world had changed and everything I once had was not there!

Still, the couple did not give up. They understood that my jitters were due to my defence mechanism, and kept trying to make me feel better. They gave me a nice playpen and good food. But best of all, they gave me time and trust. They trusted that I would not make a mess of their beautiful house and let me roam freely so that I could feel that their home is now also mine. They took me for walks outside to bond with me at least 3 times a day, either together or one by one. Initially I was quite scared because the outside was so BIG! But day by day, I feared less and less because I knew that they had my back and would protect me. It almost felt like we were out on family outings 🙂

I worked hard and so did the nice couple. I hear them discussing my performance every day and how they can help me progress. They even got me a trainer to teach me how to be a good girl! Looking back, I’ve come a long way: I am now comfortable in my new home, I love to play and can even show off some tricks. From an SOSD pup, I’m now a playful, loving doggy with a real forever home. I have a daddy called Jeff and mummy called Lydia. They took a chance on a street dog instead of going for one of those pedigrees. They have done so much for me and have been so patient and open-minded throughout my struggles.

Because of my new family, I now know what a mummy is; a mummy is love. My mummy is my love.

Happy mother’s day to all mummies!”


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