My name is Ally

Date: January 14, 2018 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hi everyone, my name is Ally! I’m an 11-month old Singapore Special who found my forever home recently. In August last year, I was all prepared to meet my potential new family but they never showed up. I was so disappointed and my hopes were shattered. Not wanting to see me so sad, Auntie Hui Jin from SOSD contacted my mummy, Kelly, to ask her if she was keen to adopt a dog.

Despite her surprise and uncertainty, Mummy said, “Yes!” and just 2 hours later, we met. I was happy but worried, as I wondered if I would be good enough for her; I was fearful of the collar and lead, and had to be carried when outside the house. I was very shy when I met her. She tried to interact with me but I was so nervous that I didn’t even dare to say Hi. But guess what? Despite my less than stellar performance, my mummy still remained keen to give me a chance and asked to bring me home for a homestay! Woof, woof!

On hindsight, I was really a troublesome girl. The first few nights of the homestay, I was so anxious that I whined and barked all night, forcing Mummy to sleep next to me on the hard floor. My anxiety made me forget my pee-pad training and I caused several accidents that Mummy had to clean up 🙁 Mummy was amazing about it though; not only did she not flare up, she was so sweet to me and patiently showed me what I should do next time. My first time out of the house to walk on the lead was a huge scary adventure… for both me and Mummy. I kept freezing or hiding between Mummy’s legs, and scratched her and almost tripped her several times. Thankfully, Mummy knew how to use treats to distract me and her calm voice helped to reassure me.

I know I’m not an easy dog and have many skills to learn. I’m having a hard time walking in and out of the lift by myself, and I still endanger Mummy when I yank her and dash around on walks when i get spooked by little things. I’m so thankful that mummy manages her expectations well. She tries to understand my behaviour and identify what my triggers are. I’m still very timid, but I’m gaining more confidence each day! Mummy always celebrates my small successes, lavishing me with praise and rewarding me with treats for any effort I take to be a better pup. I love mummy’s praises! They make me feel so encouraged and proud of myself!

Mummy says I’ve gotten cheekier over the months. She is always amused by my hijinks at home but she knows that ultimately, I have things under control. I am a power chewer but things at home are not destroyed because Mummy wisely bought me many tough toys to chew on. I am given freedom to rove around the house and can keep the house clean and tidy even when no one’s there. It’s such an ego boost to know that Mummy trusts me.

Mummy wants to express thanks to all the volunteers who looked after me previously (when I was Alice) for their efforts. She also says she thanks me for teaching her patience, forgiveness and unconditional love. Whaaattt? I should be the one thanking her for changing my life! All I have to give to repay her is my never-ending gratitude and all my loving kisses. And I’ll do that every day of my life!

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