My name is Skywalker

Date: November 15, 2017 | Posted in: Rescue Stories
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Hello, my name is Skywalker. Sky for short.

For the last nine years, I spent every day with three other Chihuahuas (no one is sure if we are related) on a rooftop. We didn’t have names. We were fed, but have got a bit sick after years without care.

One day, the humans downstairs decided to give us up to SOSD. My three companions were in pretty bad shape by then. One could no longer see, one could not walk and another would not speak. Martin from SOSD Singapore made arrangements with my foster mommy to care for them the rest of their days. But seeing that I was the youngest, they were hopeful of finding me a forever home.

A few groups came to see me after my picture was posted SOSD’s Facebook, but they all changed their mind after the first meeting. I thought I was a goner! Then one night, another group came in – it was two mommies with two little CHH – just like me! I think I was meant for them. And they thought so too. It was a success and soon I was on my way to my new home.

On the first night, I was quite nervous and escaped twice through the patio grills. (I can’t squeeze through that little gap anymore, by the way….. Burp!) The humans came looking for me. They combed the estate with snacks in hand, calling my name until my bell gave me away. They looked very relieved when I “found” them.

But as days passed, I learned more about my new family. The small CHH was also a rescue and had a hard time breathing when she played too much with me (this worried the humans again). Sometimes one of the humans would sleep outside in the hall with us.

I also discovered that being the boy in the family, I was the only one lifting my leg to pee. How special! I pee’d at every corner and every chair leg. Mine, mine, mine! I loved to poo as well. Tiny little pellets. I couldn’t understand why the girls poo’d only at certain spots. Where’s the fun in that? But in the end, I got the hang of things very quickly.

So this is my story. I always knew there was a sky, but not what awaited me beneath it. Now I’m ready for my next adventure with my new family.

XOXO, Sky.

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